Advantages of our Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are booming in the UK and continue to be favoured by employers and organisations yearly. Perhaps, you’ve considered applying for an Apprenticeship but are unclear on what it would entail. So, today we have come up with some advantages of becoming an Apprentice:

Earn While You Learn

When doing an Apprenticeship, not only will you get your qualification, but you will also get a wage every month! Our apprentices do tend to receive National Minimum Wage for their age, although on some occasions, the candidate can get paid the Apprenticeship Wage which is currently £4.30 an hour, this will depend on the company you work for.

After settling into your role and benefiting the company with the skills and knowledge you have picked up during your apprenticeship training, there is the possibility of receiving a wage rise. Many of our apprentices get kept on after their training has concluded and get put on a salary within the organisation.

The Range of Apprenticeships

Sixth Sense Training specialises in digital apprenticeships like Marketing, ICT, Administration, Creative Media and Data Analytics. Our apprenticeships are a formal training programme that’s relevant to your job or vacancy you have applied for. Apprenticeships combine work, experience, and learning and result in at least one industry-recognised qualification.

If you’re looking to find out more about our range of Apprenticeships, click this link here.

Opportunity for Progression

When you have come to the end of your apprenticeship training, there is always the opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge you have picked up.

Many of our candidates loved their apprenticeship experience, they have now moved onto their second course whilst others become a vital member of staff due to their apprenticeship training.

Once you get your qualification, you may wish to use it as you please. You may maintain your current employment at the company you work for or you could add it straight to your CV and apply for other jobs, or you may even progress and take your qualification to University. The Majority of our apprentices get kept on and become a key asset to the team.

The Structure

One of the most common questions we receive at Sixth Sense Training is “how long does the apprenticeship training last?”. Our Apprenticeships can be completed in 6-12 months but there is no deadline you have to follow to ensure your apprenticeship is completed on time. The majority of our apprentices tend to set a couple of hours per week to work on their apprenticeship, allowing them to use the skills they have picked up and developed into their world of work.

You will be also glad to hear, during your apprenticeship, there are no final exams for your qualification. Also, there are no college courses to attend or homework or staying behind a few extra hours to finish any assignments. All apprenticeship work is done during working hours and in the workplace.

Get Amazing Discounts

You heard that right! If you’re an Apprentice, you are eligible to apply for an NUS Card. This discount card can get you fantastic deals in top shops such as Pizza Hut, Superdrug, Boohoo, New Look, and much more! Are you one of our current Apprentices? Speak to your Assessor or contact NUSCard@sixthsense-training.com to find out more!

Working with a Variety of Age Ranges & Experiences

One of the great things about starting your Apprenticeship journey is that you will be working with a variety of people of different ages and a range of experiences. As part of your training, take advantage of taking advice from the individuals that have many years in the industry they are in. You will be able to pick up some good key points and opinions to ensure your role is done effectively and smoothly.

So, now you have a better insight into the advantages of doing an apprenticeship, we hope that you may take consider them for kickstarting your career or developing your current skills. If you would like to find out more information about our Apprenticeships call 01355 698 011.

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