Apprentices Shine Thanks to their Apprenticeship Journey

At Sixth Sense Training, we are always thrilled to hear how our learners have thrived and excelled with their apprenticeship qualification and the exciting journey it has taken them on. Below, the spotlight is on our apprentices who have kindly decided to share their apprenticeship journey.

Ellie Regan, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“Hi, my name is Ellie, and I have just completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing with Sixth Sense Training.

What did you enjoy?

“I really enjoyed my experience and some of the key things that made it work for me was the ability to access remote learning through Google Classroom. This meant I was able to study any time, night and day that fitted around my busy work schedule.”

What did you like about the training?

“The other thing that I loved about my Sixth Sense Training apprenticeship was being able to tailor the course and choose units that were relevant to my business needs and what I wanted to learn. I also loved how practical it was.”

What did you learn?

“One of the big takeaways for me was learning to set up ‘Mailchimp’ and doing direct email marketing campaigns, which has made a real big difference to my business.”

“I also really enjoyed my experience with my assessor, Cameron MacDonald, he was very knowledgeable and flexible with his times when arranging our virtual meetings and overall, very helpful. I would 100% recommend Sixth Sense Training.”

Connor Steven, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“Hello my name is Connor and I studied Digital Marketing with Sixth Sense Training.”

What did you enjoy?

“My experience with Sixth Sense Training was amazing, my Assessor was fantastic, really patient and helped me with any difficulties I was having with the units.”

What did you like about the training?

“The training itself was all done through Google Classrooms so it made everything so easy, we are all working from home at the moment so it was just great to sit there with your laptop and do it in the comfort of your living room.”

What did you learn?

“The course itself was fantastic, I learned so much that I am now starting with my own company. I’m actually starting to go into more of the digital content creation side of things and helping out with social media etc.”

“So the skills I’ve learned have upgraded my role essentially so it was worthwhile and I would highly recommend working with Sixth Sense Training.”

Anna McGowan, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“Hi my name is Anna and I’ve just finished my Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training.

What did you enjoy?

“I’ve really enjoyed my learning and everything in the course. I actually changed employers when I was doing my course and I found the transition was very easy to do which was ideal for me with no stress.”

What did you like about the training?

“I had Cameron as my Assessor and he was fab, I couldn’t thank him enough. We had regular sessions and chats and he was really good at checking in if I needed anything, he was very supportive and if I was having any issues at all he was always available, which was really appreciated.”

What did you learn?

“I found it very beneficial to my role with learning the theory side of things as well as the practical and it just has been really good. I couldn’t recommend Sixth Sense Training enough, the whole course was really enjoyable and I’ve enjoyed my learning.”

Kai Henderson, Data Analytics Technical Apprentice

“Hi, my name is Kai Henderson and I’m currently working through the Data Analytics Technical Apprenticeship course with Sixth Sense.”

What are you enjoying?

“I like the training as I can work at my own pace, meaning I can balance my learning with Sixth Sense and work for my employer.

What are you learning?

“I have enjoyed the course work and I am currently learning ‘Python’, which is a coding programme. Businesses collect data every single day and some don’t even realise it. I have learned just how important and useful data can be to businesses. When I complete my course, I will be able to show businesses how to benefit from using their data effectively. I would definitely recommend Sixth Sense, the course is on Google Classroom, which makes it easy to use! The Assessors are brilliant and are available whenever you need them.

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