Apprentices’ Skills Become Priority

Apprenticeships are resulting in fulfilled employees and employers as the training has helped benefit their organisation and future-proof the business.

A survey designed for over 5.000 apprentices conducted by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has resulted in over 95% would recommend an apprenticeship to friends, family and others.

A result of the 79% of individuals that completed the survey, 8 out of 10 showed a high level of delight with their apprenticeship training and the overall majority of candidates that completed the survey are intending to continue working with their current employer. A previous SDS survey involving individuals at the six-month post apprenticeship stage supports this as the majority of the candidates confirmed they were still working for the same organisation.

Skills Development Scotland’s ‘In-Training’ survey was created to learn the current apprentices’ awareness of their experience in training and employment. The survey also resulted in the majority of individuals wanting to take on an apprenticeship as there is an opportunity to achieve new skills in the workplace rather than going to college or university.

The quality of the apprenticeship training was rated very highly by the majority of the apprentices shown by the results of the survey.

Continual Work Development

Katie Hutton, Director of National Training Programmes at Skills Development Scotland said: “The in-training survey forms part of our continuous improvement work, ensuring that we gain feedback from apprentices on their level of satisfaction and the quality of their apprenticeship.”

“The results provide some interesting insight into apprentices, in terms of aspirations and what motivates them. Most are satisfied with their job, indicating that apprenticeships can help businesses effectively manage employee retention.”

Conducted by Skills Development Scotland, an Apprenticeship Wellbeing Survey was launched at the beginning of 2019 to understand the former apprentices’ continual outcomes, the individuals completing the survey reported high levels of satisfaction and well-being.
Succeeding with the Correct Skills

Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, Jamie Hepburn has embraced the results of the survey and said: “I am delighted to see the results of this survey and the high satisfaction scores from Modern Apprentices which reflect the partnership between apprentices, employers, and training providers to ensure the success of Scotland’s Apprenticeship system.”

“Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for young people to achieve the skills and experience they need to succeed in the world of work and I am particularly heartened to read that 96% of Modern Apprentices would recommend Apprenticeships to others.”

Are you an employer that is interested in implementing this for your current staff members or looking to hire a brand new apprentice for your business? Or are you a young person that is looking to kickstart your career with a modern apprenticeship? We can make that happen! Call 01355 698 011 to get started.

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