Leadership and Management PDA at SCQF Level 7

Leadership and Management PDA at SCQF Level 7

Our Leadership and Management programme combines eLearning, peer learning and tutor support through our interactive virtual classroom.

This programme can be purchased directly from our website. Or, it can be fully funded by the SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant (subject to eligibility).

The programme consists of the following three HN units from the Team Leadership and Management PDA:

  • H1F2 34 - Mandatory Unit - Management: Leadership at Work (HN) SCQF 7, 8pts
  • J1BV 34 - Business Management: An Introduction (HN) SCQF7, 8pts
  • J1NH 34 - Managing and Working with People (HN) SCQF7, 16pts

The programme lasts four months and is delivered using a combination of online learning in a virtual classroom with tutor support and monthly video lectures from one of our subject specialists.

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