Sam Meldrum, Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Company: Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Sector: Service

Apprentice Name: Sam Meldrum

Age: 23

Company: Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Job Role: Vehicle Sourcing Manager

Qualification: ICT SVQ with Marketing

What’s involved in this apprenticeship?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, every business should have a digital presence. Our ICT Professional SVQ’s teaches employees how to effectively handle various software programmes without removing them from the workplace. This apprenticeship allows each candidate to demonstrate a thorough understanding of their workplaces best practice and is appropriate to all staff, from Office Junior to experienced staff members.

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?

This time last year I was miserable. I was in a job I hated, and the idea of getting up and going to work gave me awful panic attacks and made me feel physically sick so I was looking for something different. I wanted to get into another line of work, but found that I didn’t have the necessary skills required to get the type of jobs I was looking for. The Modern Apprenticeship allowed me get a new job and further my skillset.

How Have Sixth Sense Training Helped Develop Your Career Prospects?

Massively. Before I started my modern apprenticeship I was basically IT illiterate. Now I know how to do so much. I’ve learnt how to build websites, fix IT problems, and how to use digital marketing. These are valuable skills that I’ve been able to use regularly in my current role. My skills are still improving, but Sixth Sense Training provided me with the platform to learn new skills and to further my career.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?

There was a good level of support available throughout my qualification. I had an SVQ assessor who came out to my workplace regularly and they would go over anything I was struggling with and make sure I was on the right track to pass my qualification.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?

The amount I’ve learned has been the most enjoyable aspect. The amount of new skills I have been able to gain and put into practise on a regular basis. Whilst completing my Modern Apprenticeship, I learned lots of different subjects and skills over the course of a few months compared with a college course where I was spending numerous months on the same subjects and not getting regular opportunities to put them into practise.

Manager Name: Jim Meldrum

Manager Position: Company Director

How Has Having A Modern Apprentice Benefited Your Business?

It allowed me to bring somebody into the business that I couldn’t otherwise have afforded. It also meant I could bring somebody in that could learn on the job rather than having to spend significant amounts of time teaching them. I’m a great believer in self-development. The modern apprenticeship kept the employee on their toes and ticking over.

How would you describe your experience partnering with Sixth Sense Training?

My interaction was fairly limited, which was good. It meant I could get on with other things without having to worry about the employees learning experience.

Would you use Sixth Sense Training’s services again or would you recommend the service to other business owners?

The answer to both questions would be yes and I have actually recommended Sixth Sense Training to two other business owners since Sam completed his qualification.

If you are considering undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship or you are a business that could benefit from Modern Apprentices, and would like more information, contact us:

01355 698011

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