Casey Donaldson, Wetrooms Distribution

Company: Wetrooms Distribution 
Sector: Decorative Supplier
Apprentice Name: Casey Donaldson
Age: 18
Job Role: Import Assistant
Qualification: Business Administration 

Casey, 18, processing orders in the Wetrooms Distribution offices.

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?

I did well at school and gained some Higher grades, but after leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. College and university courses didn’t interest me, but I knew I should pursue further qualifications as they would allow me to get a better job in future. After getting the office junior job at Wetrooms Distribution my boss, Julie Hart, suggested putting me through a modern apprenticeship. I was keen to do it, as I knew it would help me progress in my job and give me a better understanding of my role.

How did you find out about Modern Apprenticeships?

To be honest, it was mainly through my boss who had previously employed modern apprentices throughout the business. I knew a bit about modern apprenticeships before I started my role here, as I had looked at various positions online, but it was Julie who suggested I complete one. She let me know about the benefits that it would have on my career.

How Have Sixth Sense Training Helped Develop Your Career Prospects?

Initially, I struggled with a couple of units, but the Sixth Sense Training assessors have been great. They have really helped me manage my workload and the qualification has taught me various new skills.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?

Lewis, my assessor, has been really helpful. He comes out to visit me every few weeks and goes over the work with me to make sure I fully understand everything. I’ve progressed lots with his support.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?

I’ve enjoyed some of the units I’ve done. The ‘Orders, Products and Services’ unit and the ‘Spreadsheet’ unit were really useful. They have made my daily life easier and I’ll be able to carry these skills forward in the future.

Manager Name: Julie Hart

Manager Position: Senior Office and Import Manager

How Has Having A Modern Apprentice Benefited Your Business?

Having apprentices in, or around, the office definitely benefits the business and helps us cope with our busy workload. Over the years we’ve had a few employees doing various apprenticeships and have always found them valuable. It allows us to develop the employee into their role, rather than having somebody coming in with bad habits, and it is nice to know the staff are taking a keen interest in their personal development.

How would you describe your experience partnering with Sixth Sense Training?

I’ve found the staff at Sixth Sense Training to be really easy to communicate with. That is a big plus as previously we have used different companies, but this is a lot more straightforward and the breakdown of the units is a lot easier to understand. We’re able to tailor the qualification to suit the employee’s job role allowing us to get the maximum benefit from the apprentice.

Would you use Sixth Sense Training’s services again or would you recommend the service to other business owners?

Yes, we would use Sixth Sense Training again when employing apprentices and would recommend them to other business owners.

If you believe your staff could benefit from a Business Administration Modern Apprenticeship please call us on 01355 698011 or fill out the inquiry form here. We can even recruit new apprentices for you, completely free!

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