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Modern Apprenticeships are designed to compliment internal training programmes by teaching the apprentice industry standards and best practices and allowing them to demonstrate their competency over time. So, a Modern Apprenticeship combined with your company’s training on specific products and services allows the apprentice to put their new skills to use in your business.

Absolutely, a number of our customers employ multiple apprentices as they see this as the perfect opportunity to fill a skills gap at a fairly low cost risk.

All funding is dealt with on a case by case basis. This is something you will be made aware of once the sales manager has made initial contact with you following your enquiry

Employers are required to pay at least the minimum apprentice wage to their apprentice, however the majority of employers choose to pay more than this based on the skills of the apprentice, and the workload that they handle. To see the current minimum wage structure set by the government, Click Here

We offer Modern Apprenticeships in a wide range of specialisms, from our #Trendsetter Digital skills, Business Admin to IT professional qualification. We are confident if you are looking to employ someone in an office based role, we have the qualification to suit.

Things have now changed. The Scottish Government have set a target to get 36,000 Modern Apprenticeships into work by 2020. As well as traditional trade-based apprenticeships, there are now a whole host of roles where someone 16-24 can complete a Modern Apprenticeship including IT, Digital Marketing, and Business Administration. This change has seen funding being made available for the qualification through Skills Development Scotland, and the only expense on your part would be the apprentice’s wages.

Modern Apprenticeships are paid employment positions with permanent contracts, just like your other members of staff. This means, that if you decide to give a young person the opportunity of being your apprentice, it’s up to you as the employer to decide on contract details like the apprentice’s pay rate, hours, holidays etc.

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