How Apprenticeships have changed since Covid-19

Due to the unfortunate events of coronavirus, we have all had to adapt to change. Ourselves and businesses in the UK have all received the message to stay at home and work remotely and only go to work if it is necessary. 

However, there are some positives. Thanks to the Scottish Government and with their many wonderful funding incentives like ‘Pathway Apprenticeships’ and the ‘Apprenticeship Employer Grant’, many organisations are now backing apprenticeships and see the importance of building up the young workforce to bring back the success of the economy. In this article, we will go through some of the main areas on how our apprenticeships have been impacted because of covid-19.

Working From Home

In today’s world, the new norm is to work from home. With the majority of businesses now working remotely, we have all adapted to this change, including our apprentices. 

Our current apprentices can still work through their apprenticeship qualification remotely as all assignments and outcomes are carried out and completed on our e-learning platform. Apprentices can still progress through their qualification at their own pace and can still gain remote support from our assessors who are always available for any concerns or questions you may have about your apprenticeship work.

Remote Assessment Visits

Before coronavirus, your assessor would come to your workplace and would spend a morning or an afternoon to work with you and progress through your apprenticeship qualification. But for the foreseeable future, our assessment visits will be conducted virtually.

Your assessor will still be available for full support if you have any questions or worries about your apprenticeship and can contact them at any time. Are you one of our current apprentices? Book your next apprenticeship visit with your assessor today by clicking here.

The Apprenticeship Employer Grant

As this pandemic has been a worrying time for many people and businesses, the Scottish Government has made the recovery of the Scottish economy a priority by introducing many new and exciting incentives like the Apprenticeship Employer Grant and Kickstart.

The Apprenticeship Employer Grant has been designed to support businesses in Scotland and also to develop the young workforce for the future and the recovery of the Scottish economy. Eligible employers could receive up to £5,000 for every apprentice that they recruit within their business and funding is only available up till the 25th March or until funding limits have exceeded. To find out more about this excellent incentive, please click here.

Pathway Apprenticeships

With the continued support Scottish businesses have received during covid-19, Pathway Apprenticeships have also been introduced to help young people get back into employment and has also been designed to assist with the recovery of the Scottish economy. 

Pathway Apprenticeships are a brand new apprenticeship programme designed to help young people and employers bridge the gap to apprenticeships. This opportunity is aimed at school leavers (Aged 16-18) to gain valuable work experience and industry-recognised skills. With our Pathway Apprenticeship programme, learners will:

  • Be placed within an organisation for 6-months.
  • Receive a £100 weekly training allowance by us.
  • Receive 25 hours of training per week.
  • Potentially be transitioned into a full-length apprenticeship qualification.

To learn more about our Pathway Apprenticeship opportunity, please click here.

Access to Work

If you require additional support during your apprenticeship, Sixth Sense Training is more than happy to assist and ensure that certain adjustments can be made for the apprentice to enjoy their learning experience and successfully achieve their full award.

As a training provider, we occasionally work with DWP‘s Access to Work scheme and work alongside our preferred Access to Work solutions provider, Concept Northern. If you or your staff member requires additional support during their apprenticeship, please, do not hesitate to contact us and speak to our team on 01355 698011.

With the impact covid-19 has had on Scotland, it is now important, more than ever, to back apprenticeships and support the young workforce for the future. Sixth Sense Training is ready for anyone eager to learn and develop with one of our apprenticeship or training opportunities. To find out more, please contact us on 01355 698011 and speak to one of our experts today.

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