Important Information You Should Know If You’re An Apprentice

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to kickstart your career! Are you thinking of becoming an Apprentice or have you just became an Apprentice and are wondering what your day would be like in a working environment? If yes, you have come to the right place! Below, there are a few useful headings that will help you thrive and begin your Apprenticeship journey delivered by Sixth Sense Training.

The Apprentice’s Wages

One of the most common questions we receive at Sixth Sense Training is, what is the wage for an Apprentice? The majority of companies that we work with tend to pay an Apprentice National Minimum Wage (NMW) for their age. Although other jobs may tend to pay a bit more, as an Apprentice, you earn while you learn and the money you make as an Apprentice can still allow you to treat yourself from time to time, such as having a weekend away with your mates or buying a new game console or mobile phone.

The Apprentice’s Working Hours

The majority of our Apprenticeship positions are full time, working Monday to Friday, approximately 35-40 hours per week. A typical day’s shift normally begins at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm. During work, you are entitled to a lunch break and normally lunch lasts around 30 mins to 1 hour, this just depends on where you work and the company’s policy. Some companies that we work with are open on the weekends and some of our apprentices will have the option to use ‘Flexi-Time’ which will allow them to work a day on the weekend and rest one day during the week.

The Apprenticeships We Offer

Our Apprenticeship opportunities are mostly office-based. We offer qualifications that vary from SCQF Level 6-8 in areas such as Digital Marketing, Digital Applications (which is a more up to date version of Business Administration), ICT Professional, Data Analytics and Creative & Digital Media. Whether you’re a marketing guru, a fan of filing and scanning documents or an individual with a creative mindset, there is an Apprenticeship for everyone! Once you are inducted into your Apprenticeship, it can last approximately 9-12 months, this just depends on how much time you put into your course.

Where Do I Do My Apprenticeship Course Work?

Your Apprenticeship is completed within your workplace during working hours. At Sixth Sense Training, we have created a useful and easy to use E-Learning platform online using Google Classrooms. This is where all your course work will be located and you can access a variety of learning material to study from such as videos, presentations, PDFs and quizzes.

Opportunities During & After Your Apprenticeship

There are many great opportunities for the candidate during and after their Apprenticeship journey. Opportunities such as promotions and days out can be achievable if the skills you are building and developing are beneficial to the company. We have a had numerous outstanding Apprentices that get an exceptional pay rise and we have even had Apprentices build their marketing/creative industry departments in the business they work for.

The Working Environment

Starting as an Apprentice can be interesting for many young individuals as the majority of the time you will be working with a variety of different people. Individuals have their own opinions on who they prefer to work with, some individuals like to work with others that are roughly in the same age gap whilst others like to work with more senior staff and gain as much experience and advice from them as possible.

It’s A Great Starting Point

Many Apprentices are recent school leavers and an Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to kickstart your working career whilst learning and gaining qualifications. If you’re thinking about applying and you are concerned about your career options while your friends are already in full-time employment or at college or university, an Apprenticeship would be a fantastic way to start your career as you’re getting first-hand working experience while earning a qualification at the same time.

Assessment Visits

You have seen the word ‘Assessment’ and now you’re panicking because you think there is going to be a final exam at the end of your Apprenticeship. Don’t worry! There are no exams at the end of your Apprenticeship. Our Apprenticeship opportunities have NO exams, homework, staying behind to finish a certain unit or attending college classes. We have qualified SVQ Assessors that will come to your workplace around once a month for 2-3 hours to help you progress through your apprenticeship training. Your Assessor will always be available to assist you whenever you are working through your Apprenticeship.

Would you like to find out more about what we offer and range of Apprenticeships? We would love to speak to you! Call 01355 698 011 to get started.

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