Interview Skills: Listening

One of the most important skills required in the workplace during a modern apprenticeship is active listening. Active listening means listening intently and responding to what the other person is saying. We have compiled some tips to help improve your listening skills. These tips are useful for both interviews and during your apprenticeship:

Be Relaxed & Calm

Take a breath and try to imagine what the other person might be thinking and feeling before you respond. How would you feel in their position? Remember, good communication is key for successful relationships and friendships.

Let them know you're Listening

Acknowledge the person speaking with a nod, a smile or a “yes” every now and then to let them know you are paying attention to what they are saying. 

Pay Attention!

Concentrate on what the person speaking is actually saying. It may change how you wish to respond when it is your turn to speak.

Give Eye Contact

Try to maintain regular eye contact while they’re speaking, without continuously staring. You don’t want to intimidate or put off the person speaking.

Good eye contact is one of the most important tools for effective communication. 

Give the Speaker Regular Eye Contact

Show that you understand where the speaker is coming from by reflecting the speaker’s feelings such as, “I can see why you are frustrated” or “That is great you are so happy”

Wait for the Speaker to Pause to Clarify Questions

If you don’t understand a part of a conversation, of course you should ask the speaker to elaborate or re-explain. However, rather than interrupting it is more effective and polite to wait until a gap in the conversation before speaking.

Don't Interrupt

It is important not to interrupt the other person when they are speaking.You may strongly agree or disagree with what they’re saying but you should listen to all points made, let them finish, and then respond in a respectful, constructive manner.

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