Pathway Apprenticeships:

Your stepping stone to a full length apprenticeship programme.

Pathway Apprenticeships

Not quite ready for an apprenticeship? Don’t worry. Pathway Apprenticeships are a new range of apprenticeship programmes designed to help young people and employers bridge the gap to apprenticeships.


Pathway Apprenticeships are designed for school leavers aged 16-18 who are looking for a stepping stone to permanent employment and a full length apprenticeship.

Learner Benefits

With Pathway Apprenticeships you’ll get a six month work placement and a taste of what it’s like to do an apprenticeship. 

Our specialist apprenticeship tutors will work with you regularly to teach you valuable digital skills and help you gain the business experience needed to start your career.

Receive £100 a week for the duration of the placement

Employer Benefits

With Pathway Apprenticeships you’ll be giving a young person a six month work experience placement and the opportunity to work towards a qualification. 

It won’t cost you anything to have the young person work with you and at the end of the placement, you can decide to offer them the chance to work with you and register for one of our apprenticeships.

Business Skills

Our Digital Skills Pathway Apprenticeships include business and digital skills units for a well-rounded foundation for any career in the business world.

Duration: 6 Months

IT Hardware

Our IT Hardware Pathway Apprenticeship is the ideal start for any young person looking to embark on a career in IT Support, Networking, Maintenance and more.

Duration: 6 Months

IT Software

If it’s Computer Programming, Game Design, Web Development or Data Analytics that you’re interested then our Pathway Apprenticeship in IT Software is for you.

Duration: 6 Months


Would you like to offer a young person experience in your workplace? 

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Young people

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