Amy Renwick, Concept Northern

Company: Concept Northern

Sector: Information and Technology

Apprentice Name: Amy Renwick

Age: 17

Company: Concept Northern

Job Role: Admin Assistant

Qualification: Business and Administration Level 2

What’s involved in this apprenticeship?

Many organisations invest in their frontline workforce, only to be let down by their back office. Our Business and Administration SVQs teach office workers how to effectively handle their day-to-day tasks. It allows them to demonstrate a thorough understanding of best practices and are appropriate for everyone from Office Junior to Head Of Administration.

  • Make and receive telephone calls in line with industry standards
  • Proper use of office equipment
  • Working with other people in a business environment
  • Plan how to solve business problems
  • Using IT and email systems
  • Using a diary system
  • Take minutes
  • Using bespoke software or specialised IT systems
  • Meet and welcome visitors

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?

I found out about my Modern Apprenticeship through my pupil support teacher at my school. I thought an apprenticeship would be a good opportunity. I never thought, because of my dyslexia, that I could ever do a job that would entail admin, and typing a lot, and doing a lot with letters and numbers.

How Have Sixth Sense Training Helped to Develop Your Career Prospects?

The apprenticeship has given me valuable skills that don’t just help in my current job, but will help me throughout my whole career. I’ve learned lots of practical skills, like using IT, dealing with customers and working in an office, but I’ve also learned other skills like working as a team, problem-solving and communicating effectively.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?

Sixth Sense Training helped me all through the apprenticeship. Their assessors were very helpful and guided me through the material so that I always knew what I was to do next and how to do it. They even worked along with the additional support that was put in place by Concept Northern so that my dyslexia didn’t affect my ability to progress through the apprenticeship.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?

I’ve been a lot more confident. I feel really happy that I can say I’m a Modern Apprentice. It’s just a really great thing because I’m making money as well as learning on the job. The advice I would give to someone who was looking to start a Modern Apprenticeship, was just to go for it.

How Has Having A Modern Apprentice Benefited Your Business?

“To support Amy’s dyslexia we put in very simple Access to Work adjustments. Literacy support software to help ensure emails and documents are correct and error free, things like that. Sixth Sense Training were able to work in harmony with the additional support measures that were put in place to help Amy and the end result has been very positive. We’ve ended up with an excellent member of staff.

”It has been great having Amy in the office. She has learned really quickly and became a great asset to the business so that now we’re able to assign her real responsibilities around the office and when representing Concept Northern at trade shows. We’re even planning to promote Amy to a role which will involve participating in a more advanced Modern Apprenticeship framework provided by Sixth Sense Training. It’s Amy’s goal to eventually become one of Concept Northern’s specialist trainers and the support she’s received from Sixth Sense during her apprenticeship will go a long way in helping her reach that goal.

Andy Tasker – Managing Director, Concept Northern

If you are considering undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship or you are a business that could benefit from Modern Apprentices, and would like more information, contact us:

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