Digital Jumpstart: The Art of Upholstery


The Art of Upholstery

The Art of Upholstery specialises in restoring furniture, from antiques to pubs and clubs. Traditionally, they relied on paper records and invoices but were looking to move their business into the digital age. Digital Jumpstart by Sixth Sense Training allowed the business to move their records, database, accounting and invoicing online. This is due to employee Andrew’s SVQ training and our expert guidance in implementing the necessary systems. We had the opportunity to visit their workplace and speak to the Managing Director, Paul and apprentice, Andrew.

Modern Apprenticeship

Andrew talks about why he did a Modern Apprenticeship and the benefits its brought to the company. “I decided to an apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training to improve my digital skills with

the business. My apprenticeship was great and it was very helpful for both me and the company. I learned a new programme called Podio and I was able to keep all our clients’ information and details in one programme”

Paul talks about how Andrew’s Modern Apprenticeship has improved the company. “I’ve seen a massive improvement in the business. It has made a huge difference to us and just letting Andrew just being able to tune into modern technology.” 

Digital Jumpstart

Speaking about Digital Jumpstart and how the programme helped the company Andrew commented “Digital Jumpstart was a big help to the company. It helped us with the paperwork and the invoicing and quotes for each job, it kept the office a lot tidier and everything is online. It kept everything a lot safer with all the records in a safe place as well, so nothing can get lost.”

Andrew then goes on to talk about his assessor during his Modern Apprenticeship. “My assessor was great, he helped me when he was here and when he wasn’t. He gave me so much help when he came over and then if I needed any more help he would tell me to phone him up or give him an email and he would get right back to me.”

Andrew then brings up how the business is now running because of the digital jumpstart. “The business is running so much smoother now thanks to Sixth Sense Training. They’ve able to put everything online and it’s been a lot more helpful.”

Andrew then concludes by recommending Sixth Sense Training. “I would really recommend Sixth Sense Training to anyone for personal or business reasons, I’ve finished my Digital Applications course and now moving onto Digital Marketing.”

Talking about how Digital Jumpstart has helped his business, Paul concludes. “Sixth Sense Training made a massive difference and I can’t imagine going back to the way we were before. I can’t do anything but recommend them to anybody else.”  

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