Modern Apprentices with Dyslexia: Josh Bilsland

Concept Northern

Concept Northern is an assistive technology provider to organisations throughout Scotland. They support clients with additional support needs and offer their services in pre-employment, education and work. Josh Bilsland works at Concept Northern in Technical Support. Josh has dyslexia and faces additional barriers in the workplace. He’s currently completing his Modern Apprenticeship in ICT and Sixth Sense Training have helped him get the support he needs to progress in his qualification.


Josh said “Before I started working at Concept Northern, there were a few things I was worried about, being in a fast-paced office and keeping up with the heavy workload. I was always worried about my spelling and how I would come across to students due to my dyslexia”

Business Development Manager, Barbara Borthwick, commented “We are finding it difficult to get employees that are motivated, are proactive in their approach to work and they want to learn more about the technology”

Barbara continues “We were looking for an individual that was going to be determined to learn all the new technology, that is able to work within that department. They also have to have very good personality and had to work well with our client base.”

“Another Dimension”

During Josh’s Modern Apprenticeship, Barbara has said “Josh has settled in really well to his role here. He’s become a very integral part of the team. He’s very dedicated to his role, he’s absolutely loving his Modern Apprenticeship.

Sixth Sense Training has brought another dimension to Josh’s job role. As well as learning everything he has to within the workshop, he’s also got the support of his assessor. The assessors have been fantastic. We’ve seen Josh’s confidence grow. He’s much more proactive, he’s putting himself forward for things he hadn’t done before, it’s been an amazing difference”

Josh concludes by saying; “I would recommend an apprenticeship through Sixth Sense Training as my social skills have improved massively”

Barbara then concludes by saying “We found an ideal situation with Sixth Sense Training. They were able to recruit and place an apprentice with us. They asked us for a list of our demands or needs and they tick that list at every stage. I would highly recommend them for any of your apprenticeship needs”

Further Information on Josh’s story is found here.

For further information on how Sixth Sense Training can help apprentices with dyslexia or other additional support needs contact below:

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