Company: North Lanarkshire Council
Sector: Local Authority
Apprentice Name: Matthew Robertson
Age: 18
Job Role: Information Service Assistant
Qualification: ICT Professional

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?
To be honest, it was the best option available to me at the time. I had started a college course, but left after 5
months, as I wasn’t enjoying it. I wanted to get a job and start earning money, so I applied for Modern
Apprenticeships through the recruitment website, Indeed. That was where I saw the Sixth Sense Training IT
apprenticeship position advertised with North Lanarkshire Council.

How did you find out about Modern Apprenticeships?
I already knew about them before I started at college, but had never applied for one. When I left college I
applied for loads and went to a few interviews for different positions, so I was glad to end up in this job.

How Has Sixth Sense Training Helped Develop Your Career Prospects?
I’ve learned a lot throughout my Modern Apprenticeship. Its all helped me. I’ve learned how to build websites
and that is a skill I’ve been able to incorporate into my job role. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence around
the office.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?
My assessor, Lewis, has been great. He’s given me lots of support whenever I’ve needed it.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?
I enjoyed making my own website as that is something we occasionally have to do in the office. The whole
experience has been good and has helped me grow into my job.

If you believe your staff could benefit from an ICT Modern Apprenticeship please call us on 01355 698011 or fill out the inquiry form here. We can even recruit new apprentices for youcompletely free!

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