Video Case Study: Access to Work

Passion 4 Social

Passion 4 Social is a creative agency that operates out of the Greater Glasgow area. Their aim is to help create an equal, understanding society so that individuals with disabilities are acknowledged and capitalised on. Katrina McAinsh, who is a Junior SalesForce Administrator for Passion 4 Social, shares her experience on her apprenticeship journey.

Katrina’s Apprenticeship

Katrina starts by talking about how she got to do a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training. “I went to the Job Centre to get help with applying for jobs that would be suitable for my capabilities. I was introduced to Sixth Sense Training and they have allowed me to do a modern apprenticeship. This means I’m able to study for a qualification while working for Passion 4 Social.”

Neil, Katrina’s Assessor, mentions Sixth Sense Training worked with Passion 4 Social to put a course in place for Katrina. “Katrina had a number of barriers to employment. However, it was evident within her first meeting, that with the right guidance and support from Sixth Sense Training, Katrina would be able to thrive in the workplace. We were able to work closely with Passion 4 Social and Katrina. Which means, we could put in a pathway for her progress.”

Katrina goes on to talk about coming in to try out the course. “Sixth Sense offered me to come in and try a ‘taster course’ to see if it was something I’d enjoy. It’s helping me because it’s developing my research and writing skills.”


Katrina mentions that she was able to get access to work funding. “I’ve been able to get access to work funding. Therefore, I can get equipment and technology that will make the job easier for me. They then, very quickly, put me in contact with a potential employer.”

Making Great Progress

Neil goes on to summarise Katrina’s apprenticeship progression. “Katrina is making great progress through her modern apprenticeship. Therefore, has now seen the value she can bring to the business. We, at Sixth Sense Training, are excited to continue to support her development and look forward to offering her the opportunity to explore future qualifications.”

Katrina concludes by recommending Sixth Sense Training. “I would recommend Sixth Sense Training. I don’t think I would have found it this easy to get into employment.”

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