Video Case Study: Rainbow Room International

Rainbow Room International

Rainbow Room International is Scotland’s largest independent salon group. Based in Glasgow, they have a range of salons throughout the City. Further afar and they have over 10,000 clients visit every month. The Rainbow Room International Academy is an opportunity for individuals who want to learn how to be a hairstylist. At the academy, students can learn the basics of styling hair. They can learn to use foils, face shaping, skin tone and eye colour. The Academy also has Robbie and Isla who both completed their Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with Sixth Sense Training. They share their experience while completing their Modern Apprenticeship.

Modern Apprenticeship

Robbie starts off by talking about why he decided to take on a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship. “I decided to take on an apprenticeship after leaving school. I went to college first to complete an architectural degree, I decided that sitting in a classroom wasn’t for me. With an apprenticeship, I was able to sit in a working environment and earned while I learned at the same time.”

Isla comments “I decided to do a modern apprenticeship because I left school and I didn’t really have any clue what I wanted to do. I kind of just jumped into college and doing something I didn’t really enjoy at all. When I was given the opportunity to do this which combined two aspects which I love, Social Media and Beauty. I thought it was a really good opportunity to take up.”


Robbie mentions his concerns before starting his new role. “At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I was very worried. I wasn’t confident in what I was going to be doing, I didn’t know what I would be taking on. However with Sixth Sense placing me in this environment and matching me with my assessor. Then teaching me throughout the course, I began to get more confident in what I was doing. I also started to feel more comfortable with where I was working.”

Isla comments on her concerns before beginning her modern apprenticeship. “Before I started the job. I was worried about not having the skills to keep up the online brand image that Rainbow Room already had. I was worried about doing this with a brand new team with someone I’ve never met before. Thanks to Sixth Sense they really put my mind at ease. I learned things from even just reading an online report to creating an email marketing campaign just from scratch.”                                                            

Dog Digital

Robbie starts to talk about his experience working with ‘Dog Digital’. “Rainbow Room already started its digital marketing through an external company called Dog Digital. We went for a week of work experience and we trained with them. We enhanced the skills that we learned with Sixth Sense in order to take on bigger roles within the company.”

Robbie then concludes his experience by recommending Sixth Sense Training. “I would highly recommend Sixth Sense Training to anyone in the future. They were able to match me with the perfect assessor and the perfect job within the perfect company.”

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