Video Case Study: The Rare Whisky Shop

The Rare Whisky Shop

The Rare Whisky Shop is a Scottish born company that specialises in rare and old types of whisky. Their passion is to specialise in souring the rarest whiskies around the world, with a focus on Japan and Scotland. The shop also has Jordan Bryce, who has completed his SCQF Level 6 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training. He shares his apprenticeship experience and the skills and knowledge he has picked up during his time.

Modern Apprenticeship

Jordan starts by talking about the beginning of his apprenticeship and discusses what areas he wanted to learn. “I had a very base knowledge of digital marketing and I was very keen to expand my skills in website creation and content production. I also wanted to improve my skills in the Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Improving my skills in terms of advertising and copyrighting was also something I wanted to gain.”

Jordan’s Assessor, Cameron, shares his experience with Jordan and what his visits would consist of. “A lot of my visits with Jordan were practical sessions. I would be showing him how to work a camera inside and out, I also showed him how to light products properly and set up for an interview, we’d then take what he captured onto the computer and he’d learn how to professionally edit and publish what he created.” 

Jordan then goes on to talk about gaining the fundamental theory behind his job. “Through the apprenticeship with help from Sixth Sense Training and my Assessor, Cameron, I was able to gain the fundamental theory behind what I was already doing and this helped me solidify and enhance my existing skills.”

Jordan’s Improvement

Cameron comments on how much Jordan has improved since the start of his apprenticeship course. “I’ve noticed many improvements with Jordan’s abilities, both marketing related and in personal development. His writing skills for copy online have improved to a professional standard, as well as communication, even if it’s clients or business partners on the phone. His Photoshop skills are now industry standard and he can create advanced compositions for the company website.”

“What I enjoy about my Apprenticeship”

Jordan goes on to talk about what he enjoyed about his digital marketing apprenticeship. “One thing I like about the apprenticeship was the accessibility and the flexibility of my Assessor. When my managers were telling me they wanted video content for social media, I was able to call up Cameron and say “Is it okay if we start the video unit this time? Because that’s what the managers want.” So, I would say within a week or so, Cameron was out and that basically allowed me to strengthen any knowledge that I had on the subject and I was then able to create video content.”

Next Steps

Jordan concludes his apprenticeship journey by saying, “In terms for the future, I want to continue doing digital marketing to the best of my ability for The Rare Whisky Shop.”

Cameron concludes by saying what Jordan’s next steps are in his career. “Jordan has made outstanding progress throughout his apprenticeship and he’s now progressing into our higher level Creative & Digital Media course.”

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