Modern Apprentices with Asperger’s Syndrome: YES

Young Enterprise Scotland

Young Enterprise Scotland is a registered charity that has been working to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise in Scotland for over 25 years. YES has been inspiring and equipping young people to learn, develop and reach their full potential through enterprise. Every year they support around 15,000 young people, from all backgrounds, develop their business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and ultimately become more employable.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Scott Mcphie is a Videographer for Young Enterprise Scotland, recently completed his Modern Apprenticeship. He shares his experience while completing his Apprenticeship. Scott starts off talking about himself before taking on a Modern Apprenticeship. “When I started the Sixth Sense Training course, I was very shy and very nervous because I have borderline Asperger syndrome, which can interfere with my learning.”

Mark Armstrong, is the Scottish Schools Programme Manager for Young Enterprise Scotland. Commenting on how Sixth Sense Training focused on Scott’s requirements while doing his Modern Apprenticeship; “As a Training Provider, Sixth Sense really did focus on Scott’s requirements to assist him in his job within YES. He was doing some IT work within them, he got regular check-ins every couple of weeks. Every few weeks one of the assessors would come out and help Scott. They were always communicating with me, asking when it was an appropriate time to meet with Scott and also meet with me and really understand how we can work together to enhance Scott’s employment opportunities and learning.”

Developing and Learning New Skills

Scott then starts talking about how his Modern Apprenticeship has benefitted him in developing and learning new skills. “I’ve learned a lot of new skills during my time working with Sixth Sense Training. Personal communication skills, health and safety and telecoms, and written communication. It has helped me to build up my confidence with IT. My SVQ also helped me learn how to approach tasks on my own without someone behind me or showing me what to do.”

The Future

Mark then comments on what’s next for Scott in the future. “Scott’s next steps are really up to him. We are trying to give him the tools and assistance to actually start his own business within videography. He has already got some clients under his belt. One of the things we do within Young Enterprise Scotland is enhance a young person’s opportunities and again through his learning with Sixth Sense and the information and assistance we have given him, Scott’s already becoming a videographer of the future that you should all consider using.”

Scott then sums up his overall experience; “Whether you have Asperger’s syndrome like myself or any special needs, Sixth Sense Training is for everyone!”

Mark then concludes; “Working with Sixth Sense Training in partnership has really enhanced Young Enterprise Scotland’s knowledge of what they do but also definitely enhanced Scott’s opportunities for the future.”

If you wish to support a person with Asperger’s syndrome or ASN through an apprenticeship, contact us now.

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