Scottish Employers Backing Apprenticeships for the Road to Recovery

As Scotland continues to recover from the covid-19 pandemic, it is now crucial, more than ever, to support young people. The Scottish Government maintains their commitment to Scottish Apprenticeships and has named apprenticeships as one of the main forefronts to the road to recovery. 

Frank Mitchell, who is the Skills Development Scotland Chair and Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board Co-Chair, has thanked employers for their continued support for apprenticeships on the path to recovery of the Scottish economy. 

Why an Apprentice?

Having an apprentice in your organisation not only provides a productive and efficient member of staff and is also one of the best ways to strengthen your business, but it also represents your support of backing Scottish Apprenticeships and showcases your contribution to the development of the young workforce. According to Skills Development Scotland, over 90% of apprentices that have achieved their qualification are retained within their employment and over 95% of employers in Scotland would recommend apprenticeships to other businesses within the same industry.

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Funding/Recruitment Incentives

To support Scottish apprenticeships further, The Scottish Government has introduced the £60 million ‘Young Person’s Guarantee’ or also known as the ‘Youth Guarantee Employer Recruitment Incentive’, which has been launched to innovate thousands of new work opportunities each year for both businesses and young people. The grant allows employers to create quality work experiences and job opportunities with an apprenticeship qualification and it has been designed to give every young person the opportunity to achieve success in response to the pandemic.

To find out about more potential funding and/or recruitment incentives within your council area, click here.

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