Top Tips to Consider Before Beginning your Modern Apprenticeship

Our Modern Apprenticeships are a great way to kickstart your career in many sectors such as marketing, ICT and the creative industry. Many of our current modern apprentices have seen the enjoyment and reward from our training, you may be our latest apprentice that we’ve recruited for a business. Do you feel fully prepared to start your apprenticeship journey? Below, we have put together some areas that may help you so you’re all set for your modern apprenticeship.

Be Prepared

When you’re just about to start a new job, do a bit of research. Looking up the company website and finding out what they specialise in and what service and/or products they have on offer are a great way to find out more about the business you will be working for and it will give you a better understanding of the background of the company. Having a bit of knowledge around the sector and your job role will send a good first impression on the employer and will show you are prepared for your new job. 

As all of our apprenticeship learning material is online-based, there isn’t much of a need to go overboard with stationary or other office equipment, the business that you will be working for will have the necessities on hand for when you require it.

Dress Code

In some cases, the company that you will be working for will supply you with a working uniform. Some companies allow employees to dress casual like a t-shirt and jeans to work, this just depends on the industry the business is in.

If you have scored a modern apprenticeship in an office-based environment, dressing smart such as a suit or shirt and trousers are great to show your professionalism and it will give the employer a good impression of you. Your dress code will be explained in your contract and if you do not own a suit or have the funds to buy one, it would be best to speak to your manager about this and look for other solutions. 

Good hygiene is always essential in the workplace as well, looking smart and clean will make you fit perfectly in the team and will give a good image to the company. Remember, in work, you are also representing yourself and you would want yourself to look your best in a professional setting.

Managing your Cash

Now that you have got the job, by this stage you will know how much you will walk out with each month. But, you will need to take into consideration purchases that you will need to make every month. Purchases such as food and drink, monthly bus/train tickets, phone/car bills, subscriptions such as Prime, Xbox Live and gym memberships are all payments that you will need to consider and determining whether or not you can afford it. You should be told the salary of the role when you attend the interview and then taking into consideration the tax reduction and after you have calculated how much your bills will come to, you should have an estimate of how much money you have for yourself. That money is of course up to you on how you would like to spend it.

Travel Considerations

At Sixth Sense Training, we experience many candidates applying for apprenticeships and they have not considered how they would commute to the workplace daily. Consider this when applying for jobs, if you have a car then you can travel further distances but you would need to think about if the workplace has on-site parking. If you do not own a vehicle, consider taking the bus or a train. 

If you have just been offered a brand new job and you know how to get to the workplace, consider leaving your home at a reasonable time to get to your work on time. Using Google Maps is a great way to justify how long it will take you to arrive at your work. 

So, now you have our top tips to consider before starting your modern apprenticeship journey, we hope you use them effectively and you now feel fully ready to begin your modern apprenticeship journey. Sixth Sense Training wishes you the best of luck at your new job!

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