Top Tips to Stay Positive & Productive While Working from Home

Due to unfortunate events of Covid-19, the majority of businesses have come to the decision to work from home for every team members’ safety and to follow Government guidelines.

According to a source, over 40% of workers in the UK work from home on an occasional basis and this will potentially grow as workers have learned that it can be rewarding and beneficial such as reducing costs in travel expenses and attending to family and personal commitments.

Although, not all may feel the same and some individuals may find working from home distracting and lonely so we have come up with our top tips to stay positive and productive while working from home.

Plan your Day

One of the best ways to prepare for your day ahead is to plan what you intend to crack on with. Some of the best ways to do this include using a Spreadsheet or a calendar system such as ‘Google Calendar’ and create a list of tasks that you need to complete. Next to the tasks, add a section such as a ‘time frame’ or ‘deadline’ so you know what is a priority and this will keep you on track with your day-to-day tasks.

Systems such as ‘Google Calendar’ allow you to get notified for when you have a new task coming up which is a great way to keep you productive and on track to complete all tasks for the day.

Create a Suitable Workspace

There is nothing worse when you’re working from home and there are far too many distractions around you. Items such as your mobile phone and game consoles are major distractions so it is highly recommended that you work somewhere that is not near these items. If you have limited space to work and these distracting items are in your sight, you should put them away somewhere so they can’t call your attention away from your work.

Having a comfortable workspace will make you more productive in your role and will keep a positive mindset. Some examples of a perfect workspace are having an office chair so you’re not slouching and a neat and clean desk. If you don’t have the proper equipment to carry out tasks in a suitable workspace at home, it would be recommended to speak to your employer.


Working from home can be difficult for some individuals as they can feel lonely and it can affect some worker’s mental health. It is highly recommended, especially during these times, employers conduct group video calls with their colleagues on a regular basis.

Many employers set up these calls at the start of work and at the end, to sum up, what everyone has achieved and talked about any personal achievements from the past day or week. It creates a positive atmosphere and it represents that your team are all in it together.

Keep to a Consistent Schedule

It would be highly recommended that you keep to a consistent schedule to increase productivity. Start working from home just like you would in the workplace. Be in front of your computer before you start your shift, dress the same way you would when you go to work, set a time when you’re going to have lunch. Sticking to this schedule will ensure that you’re being productive and keeping on top of your work.

Take Breaks

Many individuals don’t know when the best time is to take a break from their work. Some may be cooking their lunch while replying to an email on their phone which may result in sending inaccurate information as they are doing two completely different tasks at once. Take a break once every few hours, sit and have a drink, go out for a short walk to freshen your mind up or do a short exercise routine. Taking breaks can be beneficial and you can then return back fresh and continue to work through your tasks.

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