Apprentice Success Story Showcase

It is always a brilliant sight to see our hardworking apprentices achieve their training goals and complete their apprenticeship programme. Today, we put the spotlight on some of our outstanding apprentices who have taken the time to showcase their apprenticeship experience with us!

Coral Gallagher, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“Hello, my name is Coral and I’ve recently completed the digital marketing apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training.”

What did you enjoy?

“I was studying before, studying graphic design which I loved and really enjoyed but when I came out of it, I just really lacked the confidence to break through the professional environment. So when I was given the opportunity to do the apprenticeship, it really helped me to overcome that and it gave me the skills I needed to develop good routines and habits to succeed in that space.”

What did you learn?

“When I was doing the apprenticeship, I really honed in on the videography skills and I found a real passion in that. I’ve been working with Action Coach to help create promotional videos and create video content for our audience and the apprenticeship really helped with that, just in terms of how to target your audience, the questions you should be asking yourself during the process. If I hadn’t been in the apprenticeship, we would not have seen as much success as we have. So, there’s still loads to build on and lots to learn from the apprenticeship, it has been a fantastic starting point.”

“I would recommend this apprenticeship to anyone and massive thanks to my trainer, Cameron who has supported me from start to finish. He’s answered any questions that I’ve had and helped iron out any worries I had throughout the course.”

Daniel Law, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“Hi my name is Daniel and I’ve completed my digital marketing apprenticeship.”

“During the course of my apprenticeship, not only was I able to learn the skills for the job, but I was also able to gain some real-life work experience.”

“Along the way, there were some challenges but working with my assessor, I was able to get through the challenges and complete my apprenticeship with no problems at all and I can’t wait to see what happens next in my career. I want to thank Sixth Sense Training for helping me.”

Alana Nelson, Digital Application Support Modern Apprentice

“Hi my name is Alana Nelson and I’ve completed a level 6 in digital application support with Sixth Sense Training.

What did you enjoy?

“When my employer first suggested that I complete the course, I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve been out of learning for around 10 years, but speaking to Sixth Sense Training beforehand they really put my mind at ease and talked me through the qualification before getting signed up. I have found the course really enjoyable and my assessor Donna has been a great help in guiding me along the way.”

What did you like about the training?

I already feel that I’ve put the new qualification to use in my current role as an administrator, I find most useful the project management and personal effectiveness methods during the course as I’ve already started using these daily and I feel it has helped my workload and delegation in the office.”

“Overall, I would highly recommend Sixth Sense Training.

Dylan Clarke, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

“I want to say thanks to Cameron and all the team at Sixth Sense for helping myself and my team get our diplomas in digital marketing. We started over a year ago and have had a fantastic experience with the team. It was really smooth, flexible and supportive whilst we were building our business.”

“In that time, we took on two new staff and the experience was so good we decided to put those staff onto the digital marketing diploma with Sixth Sense, so thanks again to the team for all their help and support.”

Learn more about how you can implement and benefit from our funded training and qualifications by visiting our apprenticeship page here or schedule a call with our team today by clicking the link: https://calendly.com/sixthsensetraining/apprenticeshipinfo

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