Individual Training Accounts.

What is ITA?

You could receive up to £200 towards a single course or training episode per year. 


ITA funding could be right for you if you’re:

  • Aged 16 or over
  • Not in education or involved in any other SDS funded programme
  • Unemployed and looking to get back into work
  • Employed, earning less than £22,000 per year and looking to progress in or change your job
  • Resident in Scotland

Some of our popular ITA approved courses

Intro to Marketing

This course covers the basics of marketing & evaluation, as well as how to use fundamental marketing tools to carry out effective market research and develop marketing strategies and plans.

Duration: 1 week

Intro to Cloud Computing

Ideal for anyone looking to move their business to the cloud or those seeking employment and need to know the basics of Cloud Computing. 

Duration: 1 week

Intro to Web Development

In this unit, you’ll learn about taking a site from design through to launching live as well as learn Internet and Web architectures for creating a site.

Duration: 1 Week

Search Engine Marketing

This short course will provide knowledge and skills to understand and run a paid Search Engine Marketing campaign. You will learn how to select keywords and keyword phrases and much more for your campaign.

Duration: 1 Week

Leadership & Mgmt. PDA

Our ITA Leadership and Management Training programme combines eLearning and tutor support through our interactive virtual classroom. Learn the fundamentals of team leadership, accounting, marketing and business. 

Duration: 4 months

Intro to Business Development

This course has been designed to give learners an overall understanding of the sales skills required to develop new business. Topics include telemarketing, business networking, and pitching in a professional manner.

Duration: 1 week

Understand the Business Env

The Understanding the Business Environment unit is designed to develop the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of business including, the different types of businesses and the different business functions.

Duration: 1 week

Intro to Email Marketing

Our entry-level Email Marketing course will teach you how to setup email marketing software, segment your customers, and contact them directly with relevant information. Ideally suited to those seeking marketing opportunities.

Duration: 1 week

Intro to IT System Security

Ensure that you’re systems and data are secure from unauthorised access. In our Introduction to IT Systems Security, you will learn the fundamentals of system security as well as the relevant regulations relating to them.

Duration: 1 week

Our Catalogue

Our full range of ITA courses are available online at myworldofwork.co.uk

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