Introduction to Google Sheets

Introduction to Google Sheets

This course is designed for new or basic users of Google Sheets.

Learners will learn how to create a basic spreadsheet, understand formulas and functions as well as learn simple lists, sorting, filtering, printing, and creating basic charts. Learners will also learn shortcuts and tips about how to use Google Sheets in the most efficient way.

The course will include:

Editing Spreadsheet

  • Enter different data types
  • Change formulas
  • Re-size columns with auto-resized
  • Auto-resize a whole spreadsheet

Creating Basic Formulae

  • Enter/Edit formulae
  • Inserting functions
  • Using Autosum

Creating a Basic Spreadsheet

  • Create a table with titles
  • Use text, numbers and formulae
  • Copy formulae
  • Total columns with Sum
  • Format the cells
  • Hide gridlines


  • Resizing columns/text wrapping
  • Formatting numbers
  • Formatting cells
  • Applying borders, cell colour
  • Using the Format Painter to copy formatting


  • Understanding dates in Google Sheets
  • Formatting dates inc. custom format
  • Using dates in formulae
  • Using the TODAY functions

File Procedures

  • Save vs Save as
  • Saving as older version
  • Compatibility Mode


  • Print preview
  • Scaling to print on 1 page
  • Define Print Area
  • Using Page Break Preview
  • Printing multiple worksheets/selected cells

Tips & Tricks

  • Using Google Sheets efficiently using shortcuts
  • Previewing all formulas on a worksheet
  • Auto calculations
  • Autofill
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mouse shortcuts
  • Autoresize
  • Keyboard selection techniques
  • Mouse selection techniques


  • Creating number series
  • Creating customised text lists
  • Creating date lists
  • Creating sequential number/date lists

Managing Formulae

  • Using brackets (BODMAS)
  • Relative and Absolute references (Using the £ signs in references)
  • Changing formulae to values

Page Setup

  • Orientation/scaling
  • Margins
  • Headers/Footers


  • Min/Max
  • Average/Count
  • Sum
  • The IF Function
  • Comparison Operations

Spreadsheet Efficiency

  • Cell Notes
  • Sorting
  • Page Breaks
  • Freeze Titles/Print Titles

Excel's Secrets & Expert Advice

  • Creating a proper database
  • Navigating a worksheet
  • Hidden views


  • Creating a simple chart
  • Changing chart type

Basic Filtering

  • Applying a filter
  • Creating a custom filter
  • Sorting
  • Remove filter

Google Sheets Features

  • What's new
  • Cloud storage and Google Drive
  • Easier file sharing
  • Instant data analysis
  • Flash fill
  • Chart recommendations
  • Animations in charts
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