Areas to Remember when you Start your Apprenticeship

Starting your new job as an apprentice? It can be daunting for new employees and apprentices when they begin a brand new job. In your mind, you may think there is so much to remember such as the company policy, everyone’s name and where everything is. Remember, colleagues in your workplace are there to help you and if you have any issues or questions, feel free to ask. On here, we will go through some important areas to remember when you start your new job.

Your Contract

Every employee should have some form of contract when they start their new job. Some points the contract will confirm are areas like the company policy, your working hours, your wage, and the holidays and breaks you are entitled to. You should receive your contract within the first 1-2 months you begin working there. If you still haven’t received your contract within this time, speak to a member of your management team.

Your Rights as an Employee

Before signing your contract, it is crucial to fully read the contract as you don’t want to be signing anything you don’t agree with. Areas to check in your contract are your breaks, pay, your shifts, holidays and if you receive holiday pay. The majority of these will be discussed and explained during your interview and if they aren’t, feel free to ask so you know what you’re entitled to.

Your Pay

There are a variety of ways that you can get paid. Some employees get paid hourly and can get paid every 2 weeks or at the end of the month, or employees can be put on a salary, this is when they will receive a fixed amount of money each time payday comes around. If you get paid hourly, it is always good to keep a note of how many hours you are doing a week and calculate the exact amount you will be getting paid. Many of the employers that we work with tend to pay the National Minimum Wage for the candidate’s age, if you have any questions about your pay, it is best to speak to your manager or management team.

Your Payslip

Your payslip will present to you information such as your Gross and Net Pay, your involvement in National Insurance, pension deductions and the overall tax you pay. You are fully entitled to receive this information on your payslip so you know exactly how much you have made for the month. Your Net pay is what you will receive in your bank account after tax and deductions.


If you are currently earning under £12,500, you will not be deducted any tax off your pay. Any annually pay above this amount will be taxed a percentage, the more money income you receive, the more tax you will be deducted from your wage. As an employee, you will have a tax code and this is used by your employer to determine how much tax should be deducted from your pay. Gov.uk has a lot of useful information about tax, if you’re new to learning about tax, click here.

Your National Insurance Number

When starting your new job, you will need to provide your National Insurance Number to your employer. A National Insurance Number is a code that is used to contribute to obtaining specific benefits like Maternity Allowance as well as the State Pension. Your National Insurance Number can be found on your payslip or documents on your tax or pensions. If you do not have a National Insurance Number, it can be obtained here.

Your P45

When starting your new job, you will also have to provide your P45 to your employer. This is a document that you receive when you leave your previous job. Your P45 contains your tax information such as your tax code and how much tax is due in your job and this is used by your new boss. If you have just got your first job, it’s more than likely that you don’t have a P45, don’t worry! Your employer will give you a P46 to sign and complete.

So now you have all the valuable information you need on starting your brand new apprenticeship. If you have any additional questions please get in touch on 01355 698011.

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