Modern Apprenticeships:

Workplace Qualifications.

Modern Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Apprenticeships are a comprehensive, cost-effective way to develop staff members and enhance your workforce. If you are looking take on new staff members or want to develop the staff you have, get in touch now to see how we can help. We offer the following modern apprenticeships opportunities:

“I would recommend Sixth Sense to everyone as they were able to find me the perfect apprenticeship, in the perfect job.”​

Robbie Lyons

Robbie Lyons
The Rainbow Rooms International

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is vocational training relevant to the learner’s current employment.

The learner not only gains an industry-recognised qualification but also soft skills such as communication and teamwork resulting in a well rounded and efficient employee.

Modern Apprenticeships are delivered in the learner’s workplace with minimal downtime and can be completed within a time period that’s suitable to both the learner and the employer.

How does it work?

Our trained assessors visit the apprentice every two to six weeks, at a time convenient to them, for around an hour or two.

During this time our assessor will observe the candidate performing their daily tasks and provide advice and guidance based on National Occupational Standards to help increase the candidate’s productivity and efficiency.

The modern apprenticeship is completed in around six to nine months and the candidate is then presented with their award.

What now?

If you employ young people and would like them to gain an industry-recognised qualification while they work, that is government-funded, then get in touch and we can advise you on the most appropriate apprenticeships. 

Or, if you would like to employ a young person as an apprentice, you can let us know if you have an opening and would like to use our free recruitment service to find your new apprentice. 

“Working with Sixth Sense in partnership has definitely enhanced Scott’s opportunities for the future.”

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong
Young Enterprise Scotland.

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