Debunking Apprenticeship Myths

An apprenticeship, what does it mean to you? Are you currently exploring your options to successfully achieve your career goals? Today, there are over one hundred apprenticeship qualifications available ranging from digital programmes to construction and hospitality, and in the past 24 months, apprenticeships are deemed one of the main forefronts on the path to recovery for the Scottish economy. For this article, we decided to debunk some myths about apprenticeships to give you a much better understanding of our apprenticeships and the pathways they can lead you to.

Myth – ‘Apprenticeships are only for School Leavers’

Not at all! Our apprenticeships are funded for individuals between the age of 16 and 24 and are available up to the age of 29 if the person is care experienced or with an additional support need. Of course, we do receive many applications from schools leavers however, we have seen a variety of candidates apply from diverse backgrounds such as college/university graduates, with experience in a similar role and eager individuals looking for a career change.

Myth – ‘Apprenticeships don’t pay well’

A lot of individuals believe that if you are an apprentice, you will only be paid the apprenticeship rate. Today, a large number of employers in Scotland are paying at least the National Minimum Wage for the apprentice’s age when they begin their apprenticeship qualification. As an apprentice, you are not only getting paid in wages but also industry-recognised skills and experience.

Myth – ‘You can’t do an apprenticeship if you have completed College or University’

You absolutely can! We have seen a great amount of college and university graduates applying for our apprenticeship opportunities as they desire to continue their development by transferring their skillset into a professional working environment. An apprenticeship will allow the opportunity for them to enhance their understanding of the industry as well as gain invaluable first-hand experience.

Myth – ‘You can’t do an apprenticeship if you are already employed’

Not only can job seekers apply for an apprenticeship opportunity, but if you are an employee at an organisation that is keen to learn and develop their skills, you can undertake an apprenticeship qualification. It would be worth considering an apprenticeship if you don’t hold a relevant qualification for the job you’re currently in. If you would like to upskill with an apprenticeship within your current role, contact us here.

Myth – ‘I need to pay for my apprenticeship’

There is absolutely no cost to doing an apprenticeship. Our apprenticeship qualifications are funded by Skills Development Scotland, which is the main funding body of the Scottish Government. As an apprentice, you would complete your qualification while you work and will be assigned to one of our qualified SVQ Assessors who will virtually meet with you to provide support and observe you progressing through your apprenticeship. It is your qualification, after all, so we want to ensure that you have all the information, support and guidance you need.

Myth – ‘Apprenticeships last four years and you don’t get permanent work after completing the programme’

This myth is probably one of the most misinterpreted. Many still believe that apprenticeships consist of studying for four years, attending college and after your qualification, you need to find work. Although this still can be the case in some industries, our apprenticeships are nothing like this structure. Our digital apprenticeships approximately last 12 months and you complete your apprenticeship during working hours at a comfortable pace. As a Sixth Sense Training apprentice, you will also have access to your own virtual classroom where you will progress through your lessons and units. But what about permanent work? The majority of our apprenticeship vacancies are full-time permanent roles where the employer is committed to securing their apprentice along with the value they bring to their business.

How do our apprenticeships sound to you now? We hope that our answers have helped you gain a better understanding of our digital apprenticeship programmes. Eager to get started now? Visit our apprenticeship page to discover what qualifications we offer here or speak to a member of our team on 01355 698011.

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