Employers Investing in Scottish Apprenticeships to Strengthen Economic Recovery

As Scotland continues to drive down the road to recovery from the unfortunate events of Covid-19, the Scottish Government has placed apprenticeships at one of the main forefronts of their economic strategy. To support economic transition and to increase productivity, Scottish employers are investing in apprenticeships and supporting young people by contributing to equal and fairer economic work opportunities.

According to Skills Development Scotland’s latest figures and statistics, Modern Apprenticeships have boosted a 36% increase with a total of 25,401 new apprenticeship starts between April 2021–March 2022, which is 6,746 starts higher than the previous year.

Frank Mitchell, chair of Skills Development Scotland, says “As the economy continues to recover from the challenges of the pandemic, the latest apprenticeship statistics demonstrate that employers continue to recognise the critical role apprenticeships play in developing a skilled workforce.”

Colin Borland, Director of Devolved Nations at Federation of Small Businesses Scotland, said: “Coming out of the pandemic, small businesses still face challenges including rising costs and recruitment difficulties. Apprenticeships can offer a cost-effective solution to finding new talent, with the support provided to embed skills needed for now and the future.”

Apprenticeships are perfect for organisations that are experiencing skills or staff shortages. Implementing our industry-recognised qualifications in your team will not only enhance your workforce but will also allow you to access and secure talent for the future of your business. To get started, contact our Business Development Manager, Mark Oliver by booking a call here and learn how Sixth Sense Training can help achieve your training and recruitment goals.

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