UK finds an increase in IT job opportunities as lockdown comes to an end

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), there has been a rise of one million IT job opportunities in the UK.

In the past month, there has been an increase in job ads, in particular, for IT Professionals and Modern Apprentices. Recently, there has been an increase of over 15% in demand for web designers and developers and with Sixth Sense Training’s ICT Professional Modern Apprenticeship, you will be able to begin your career in this booming industry.

TechUK’s deputy chief executive Anthony Walker reported to the BBC, “We’ve seen two years of digital transformation happening in the space of two weeks. “A lot of business leaders we’ve been talking to, and survey data, shows that digital will be more important to their business, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Both large and small firms in the UK, have concluded that upskilling and qualifications (i.e Modern Apprenticeships) are crucial for staff to master their understanding and use of digital skills, according to the industry group. Modern Apprenticeship opportunities in IT and Digital Marketing will allow staff to master areas from setting up e-commerce websites to sell goods online, improving international marketing efforts and optimising production processes.

Between March and June, the number of workers on UK company payrolls fell by over 600,000. In April, unemployment increased by 34,000 to reach a total of 1,3 million according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). If you have fallen into this category and would like to view our latest Modern Apprenticeship vacancies, click here.

However, in the week beginning the 6th July, there were over 100,000 new jobs adverts according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, which is 14,000 more opportunities that the week beginning on the 22nd June.

Filling New Role Issues

Head of Talent at iPLATO, Roina Hadi reported that the unemployed are going above and beyond when they are applying for new employment.

Roina said, “We are receiving a huge amount of applications when jobs are posted.” Roina also comments, “But unfortunately we are finding 60% [of applicants] are not suitable candidates and are seemingly applying for any role.”

When it comes to IT, the UK has a huge skill shortage. According to the Open University’s data, half of employers are struggling to locate talent with correct IT skills. Many businesses are concluding that developing staff through a Modern Apprenticeship in IT is the most beneficial and cost-effective way to upskill staff for the long term. Individuals currently in their IT Modern Apprenticeship are learning the inside and out of IT software and hardware and this will enable them to thrive in the IT industry.

With our ICT Professional qualification that we offer, Sixth Sense Training also provides a range of short, paid training courses that can benefit and upskill individuals in IT and other roles such as Digital Marketing and Administration. If you would like to view our range, click here.

We also provide a variety of CPD accredited courses as well as Individual Training Accounts (ITA) to help individuals that are looking to get back into employment and/or are looking to develop their career. If you would like to visit our range of CPD accredited courses, click here, or if you would like to find out more about our ITAs and how you can apply for up to £200 of funding, click here.

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